The World Bank, together with other multilateral banks, promoted the launch of this certification, delivered by APMG. Are you ready to be a PPP Certified expert?

PPP In-House Certification

PPP Certification Program


Our custom training aims to give a solid knowledge on PPPs for the entire organization, tailored for both "public partner" and "private partner" needs, as well as their financiers and consultants.

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K-Infra makes available a wide range of resources related to the Public Private Partnerships (PPP), including reference readings, articles and a glossary.

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Our offer of consulting services is anchored in knowledge implementation, including "policy advisory" and PPP management consultancy among others.


05-12-2020 - New Foundation Certified Trainer for the CP3P program by K-Infra.

Taras Boichuk: CP3P Accredited Trainer We keep on incorporating experts to our team of trainers and collaborators to provide CP3P Certificate tra{{split}}ining courses in all languages. Today, we welcome Taras Boichuk, Partner Director at SPILNO (Ukraine), the PPP unit of the government of Ukraine. Congratulations for being approved for CP3P Foundation Training by APMG International.  Ta

06-14-2018 - Guilherme Naves new CP3P Accredited Trainer at K-infra

Guilherme Naves: CP3P Accredited Trainer K-infra is glad to communicate that Guilherme Naves just joined us as a CP3P accredited trainer for Brazi{{split}}l. Guilherme is an expert in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Currently, he’s partner at Radar PPP, K-infra’s affiliate to deliver CP3P training in Brazil. His competences include: Contract manager of PPP contracts Specialized in i

03-06-2018 - Mateo De Los Ríos Vélez new CP3P Accredited Trainer at K-infra

Mateo De Los Ríos Vélez joins K-infra as a CP3P Accredited Trainer K-infra is glad to communicate that Mateo De Los Ríos Vélez just joined us as a{{split}} CP3P accredited trainer for Latin America. Mateo is an economist and business administrator, with a master's degree in applied finance and currently Partner at VIVEKA. He has more than 14 years of experience in consulting, project structuring an