The World Bank, together with other multilateral banks, promoted the launch of this certification, delivered by APMG. Are you ready to be a PPP Certified expert?

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Our custom training aims to give a solid knowledge on PPPs for the entire organization, tailored for both "public partner" and "private partner" needs, as well as their financiers and consultants.

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K-Infra makes available a wide range of resources related to the Public Private Partnerships (PPP), including reference readings, articles and a glossary.

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Our offer of consulting services is anchored in knowledge implementation, including "policy advisory" and PPP management consultancy among others.


03-08-2019 - Enrolment Open: CP3P – Foundation Madrid 5 Course

5th edition of the CP3P - Foundation Madrid Course The enrolment process for K-infra's 5th edition of the CP3P - Foundation Madrid course is already{{split}} available. The course will take place in Madrid (Spain) from April 1 to 5, 2019 with the exam being taken in April 8, 2019. The Foundation level is the first level and the first exam of APMG's Public-Private Partnerships Certification Program, pr

02-13-2019 - Our Brazilian Affiliate, RADAR PPP, translates CP3P to Brazilian Portuguese

As announced by APMG International, in addition to the existing English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, the Chapter 1 of the PPP Certi{{split}}fication Program (CP3P), as well as the Foundation exam, are now available in Brazilian Portuguese. Radar PPP, K-infra’s affiliate to deliver CP3P training in Brazil, with the help of Dal Pozzo Avogados has been responsible of the translation.

01-30-2019 - PPP Certification Program available in Russian

The CP3P keeps on expanding. APMG and IFC recently announced the availability of the PPP Certification Program - Foundation in Russian. Candidates will{{split}}ing to undertake the exam or prepare themselves for the PPP Certification can download the PPP Guide for free at https://ppp-certification.com/ppp-certification-guide/russian K-Infra is ready to offer and deliver its CP3P-Foundation courses in Russ