K-infra and Foster Infrastructure reorganize their CP3P business

K-infra and @Foster Infrastructure joined forces in 2016 to develop the best approach to specialized CP3P training, the @PPP Certification Program managed by @APMG and created by the leading multilateral agencies.  

We did this through a strategic agreement by which both firms have jointly developed their CP3P materials and resources and collaborated in spreading the CP3P standards.

Asper as today, K-Infra with it’s affiliates have trained +40 entities and +4355 candidates worldwide under the CP3P program.

After 5 years of fruitful collaboration, we have decided to take a further step in the evolution of our businesses, with K-infra taking full ownership of the jointly developed CP3P materials and resources. This strengthens K-Infra’s position to deliver CP3P training programs, as well as other PPP course programs designed by K-Infra. As a consequence of this transaction, Foster Infrastructure has become a shareholder of K-Infra.  

According to Richard Foster, CEO of Foster Infrastructure, “The COVID-19 pandemic has led to rapid growth in online training. K-Infra has the team and the systems required to support this format. K-Infra is therefore the logical organization to lead the delivery of future CP3P training and is the natural owner of the associated CP3P materials and resources. This transaction enables Foster Infrastructure to remain focused on what it does best: Providing quality infrastructure advice to policy-makers and project proponents and sharing our knowledge through training.” Richard Foster will continue to be a K-Infra sponsored CP3P trainer and will contribute to the further development of K-Infra’s training materials and the expansion of its PPP training offering.


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