EBRD requests K-Infra to analyze two PPP projects

Proyectos PPP

K-Infra analyzes two PPP projects for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has commissioned K-Infra to prepare two case studies related to two European PPP projects in order to extract lessons and key aspects related to the importance of good preparation of projects prior to being tendered.

Most of the PPP projects fail due to their faulty preparation, which ranges from the adequate identification of the project as a solution to a need, the evaluation of its suitability to the PPP tool, the evaluation of the robustness of the project as a public investment decision (socio-economic sense and feasibility from different angles), going through the evaluation of the project itself as PPP (commercial feasibility, value for money, affordability or fiscal impact analysis) and the structuring/design of the contract and the tender process itself. In addition, adequate preparation of the project and contract implies that the latter adequately integrates all the necessary tools and mechanisms for the effective management of the contract during its life.

The study will focus on these aspects and on how the projects of the case adapt more or less to what should be the “guiding principles” of a good preparation and structuring, to try to draw relevant conclusions in relation to the key aspects for the success of a PPP.


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