Ariana Progri: new Foundation certified trainer for K-Infra CP3P program

Ariana Progri is now part of the K-Infra Team

We are proud to announce that Ariana Progri, Former member of IFC PPP Advisory Team, has been successfully approved as #CP3P Foundation Accredited Trainer by APMG International. Congratulations on your results!

Ariana brings additional capacity to deliver CP3P in Spanish and English, but also allows us to offer training on the Albanian version of the CP3P Guide.

As a PPP expert, Ariana has over 20 years experience in advising governments on private sector development and infrastructure PPPs. Her expertise covers all aspects of PPP transaction advisory from project concept to project structuring and tendering, as well as the areas related to creating an enabling environment for PPPs and private sector participation in infrastructure.

Her PPP experience spans fifteen years of analyzing and structuring infrastructure PPPs as well as policy and institutional strengthening in Southeast-Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Her work was carried out in close cooperation with the World Bank and other intergovernmental agencies to strengthen PPP and sector policy and regulatory frameworks in order to promote private sector participation in infrastructure. It also entailed engagement with private sector and local communities to balance the trade-offs between project commercial appeal, public interest and overall economic and social return.

As per today, K-Infra counts with 14 accredited trainers worldwide covering all geographical zones including Europe, North America, Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia.


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