Our Brazilian Affiliate, RADAR PPP, translates CP3P to Brazilian Portuguese

CP3P Portuguese

As announced by APMG International, in addition to the existing English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, the Chapter 1 of the PPP Certification Program (CP3P), as well as the Foundation exam, are now available in Brazilian Portuguese.

Radar PPP, K-infra’s affiliate to deliver CP3P training in Brazil, with the help of Dal Pozzo Avogados has been responsible of the translation. The following professionals have participated:

  • Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo (Dal Pozzo Advogados)
  • Bruno Ramos Pereira (Radar PPP)
  • Bruno Vidigal Coscarelli (Radar PPP)
  • Guilherme de Ávila Naves (Radar PPP)
  • Renan Marcondes Fachinatto (Dal Pozzo Advogados)
  • Rodrigo Reis de Oliveira (Radar PPP)

Chapter 1 of the PPP Guide and the Glossary can be downloaded here.

ATOs can also access the CP3P – Foundation exam via the booking system of APMG.


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