K-infra’s CP3P grants for “a new chance for CP3P certification”

To celebrate K-Infra’s 5th anniversary, we have launched the CP3P Exam Grant Challenge to help candidates who were not successful on their first exam attempt to get CP3P certified. K-infra offers a new sponsored chance to sit the CP3P exam.

With the collaboration of APMG International, we will grant a total of 20 CP3P exams:

•         12 Foundation exams
•         6 Preparation exams
•         2 Execution exams

Applicants will be granted with free access to K-infra’s virtual campus where they will have to reach a minimum level of effort. If they accomplish the objective, they will be invited to participate afterwards in “The test competition”.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become an APMG Certified PPP Professional.

The first 10 sponsored places will be reserved to K-Infra alumni, including any candidate trained by our affiliates Radar PPPVIVEKAFoster Infrastructure Pty LtdMaxwell Stamp KSA.

Application and conditions of the grant can be checked here.

The registration deadline is 30th of April 2021. K-infra reserves the right to extend this period.

Only the first 100 applicants will be considered!!

For further information or any query, please contact us

If you would like to participate, please fill out the following form:


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