K-infra appointed by the Government of the Netherlands to deliver CP3P training

Government of the Netherlands

For the first time ever, a government of a developed country will participate on the PPP Certification Program

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands has contracted K-infra to deliver PPP training in relation to the PPP Certification Program to its professionals in the public sector.

It is the first time that a government from a developed country has decided to participate in such program. The training will comprise two courses to be delivered in December and early 2019 to some 30 government officials which are primarily active in the water sector.

Our trainer Marcel van den Broek, K-infra’s CP3P Accredited Trainer and senior Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) expert will deliver these courses.

This is a milestone in the consolidation of the #CP3P program, as it demonstrates the relevance of the Guide and the Program not only for emerging economies but also to help capacitating the most sophisticated and mature countries in terms of the use of the PPP tool.  And more over contributing to a truly global standard for the PPP industry

K-infra has trained more than 600 professionals since starting the business in 2016. Organizations such as WBG, IFC, EBRD, BID, governments from 12 countries (Peru, Bolivia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Gambia, Ecuador, Pakistan…) and professionals from the most relevant companies related to infrastructure and finance in Spain have participated.


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