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PPP Training in Company

Target audience

The target audience of the PPP custom courses are all stakeholders who are part of the “private party” within a PPP agreement, including the investor / developer, contractors and financial institutions.

  • Sponsoring companies / project developers, such as construction firms, operators and investors.
  • Lending institutions, investment funds, institutional investors.
  • Consultants and specialized advisers.


  • To assure a solid knowledge of the PPP throughout the Organization (especially for infrastructure developers and/or public services operators).
  • To improve the capacity and specialization of the professionals whose area of work is the analysis and management of PPP projects and/or the financing of such assets.

Training modalities

In K-infra we offer different modals of training, from traditional face-to face training “on site” or at your own venues, customized on-line courses (provided from our LMS platform or integrated in your own learning platform) or a mix: in-class and online training.

Specialized own PPP courses

We describe below the topics and types of courses that we offer specifically for the private sector. Of course, any course will be designed specifically for your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other topic that is of your interest related to management and financing of infrastructures and services, and PPPs in general.

Basic and essential own courses for the private sector. (20 to 100 hours)

  • PPP’s foundations (adapted to the sector or sectors of interest)
  • Advanced PPP (adapted to the sector or sectors of interest)
  • PPP bid preparation and submission
  • PPP Project Finance
  • Management of PPP contracts/projects

Any of our basic and essential courses may be delivered face-to-face or online to be transferred to the client, committing to update the materials at the end of one year.

Short courses and seminars. (1 to 3 days)

  • Risk analysis and PPP contract structuring
  • Negotiating with investment funds
  • Negotiating with lenders
  • PPP legal framework in Spain and Europe (for Spanish and European companies)
  • Financial modeling

Any of our basic and essential courses may be delivered face-to-face or online to be transferred to the client, committing to update the materials at the end of one year

Workshops (1-2 days)

  • Sectorial seminars and risk workshops by sector
  • Webinars on PPP international markets
  • Specific workshops on aspects of contract / asset management: stakeholder management and reporting, dispute management, re-balance process management, etc.
  • Workshops on asset management and other specialized areas: exchange rate risk, financial valuation, demand risk, financial re-balancing / negotiations, Montecarlo analysis, tax issues in infrastructure, concession accounting standards …

PPP Certificate Preparation

The PPP Certification Program, managed by APMG, is becoming a reference for professionals in the sector.  Its main objective is to disseminate PPP best practice and knowledge in managing PPP Programs and Projects at a global level, offering the possibility to access the PPP Professional Certificate (the CP3P).

K-Infra has developed its own materials to provide preparatory support for getting this accreditation, and we offer these courses in-house to groups of companies, institutions and governments that may be interested in addition to our open courses.

If you want more information on our CP3P preparatory courses (CP3P)

If you want more information on the PPP Certification Program.

Other characteristics

  • Advanced technology. Virtual access to in-class courses in real-time through remote connection.
  • Access to our data base of bibliographical references.
  • With the participation of national and international experts.
  • Self-assessment tests, including the possibility of case-by-case individualized assessment and recommendations.
  • Free access to annual updates of the materials depending on the training contract specifics.

If you need more information about the approach of these thematic lines download our PPP Custom Training In Company brochure.

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