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Introduction and objectives

Disseminating best practices among governments related to the management of PPP as an instrument of economic policy and infrastructure development lies at the heart of our services.

In addition to our open courses (in-class and on line), our activity includes customized training and in-class training for public agencies and governmental entities, for all levels of government: central, regional and local.

Our training approach includes from basic training and general concepts to courses highly specialized in different areas of the management process of PPP programs and projects (analysis and selection of projects, contract structuring, tender processes, contract management, etc.).

The aim of our customized training offer for governments is to guarantee access to the best possible training to the management teams of the PPP programs and projects, as well as the decision-making and control agents, public financial agencies and internal advisors.

This to facilitate the development of infrastructures and services under PPP or concession-type schemes in the most efficient manner possible; obtaining the maximum value for money (VfM) of the projects thanks to:

  • Greater reliability of the processes and greater interest for the projects from the private investor / developer
  • Increased affordability
  • Greater control on risks and uncertainties that may impact projects

Target audience

The target audience of our courses and training activities for the governments and “public sector” of the PPPs are the different agencies and units which have a role in a PPP process:

  • Procuring authorities promoting infrastructures and services, at any level of government.
  • Treasury Departments, at any level of government.
  • Procurement departments and/or PPP Units, at any level of government.
  • Public financial agencies involved in PPP finance.
  • Internal legal services of public administrations with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the legal framework.
  • Supervision and evaluation agencies: general auditors/national audit offices, public controllers, etc.

Training modalities

We believe that in most cases the interested department or agency will prefer that courses are in-class and at their centres.

In any case, we may also provide custom on-line training courses, through our own Learning Management System (LMS), with greater time flexibility and virtual connection through our on-line conference system.

PPP Certificate training and Certificate +

The PPP Certification Program of APMG, aims to promote the knowledge of best practices in the management of PPP programs and projects at global level, offering the possibility of obtaining a PPP professional accreditation, the Certified PPP Professional (CP3P©).

K-infra has developed its own courses for the preparation of the CP3P© and offers both in-house courses for your organization and open courses.

More information about our courses available at CP3.

You can also check more information about the above mentioned program and about the PPP Guide by clicking here.

K-Infra also offers to governments, the possibility of a tailored made course on the different phases of the PPP project management cycle, based on the methodology and fundaments of the Guide of the CP3P© program. Our school can develop tailored courses based on the PPP life cycle methodology of the mentioned Guide and adapted to the local environment, so that every government / agency may see how the own local PPP framework compares and/or reflects global standard process and practices.

Our concept of “Certificate +”, consists in providing training for the certification examinations, and at the same time to provide practical training focused on the operative and legal framework of your own country or location.

Other training areas and themes

Next, we describe the course tracks and types of courses that we offer for the private and public sectors. Obviously, any course can be customized based on some of these topics and knowledge areas, or developing a course that fits entirely to your organization needs.

The class hours and length of each course will be adjusted according to your requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other enquiry related to management and financing of infrastructures and services, and PPPs in general.

Basic and essential courses for the public sector (20 to 100 hours)

  • PPP Essentials (based on CP3P) adapted to the local framework
  • PPP Project selection, preparation and evaluation (based on CP3P) adapted to the local framework
  • Design and structuring of PPP contracts (based on CP3P) adapted to the local framework
  • Elaboration of a “PPP framework”(based on CP3P) adapted to the local framework
  • Specialization course in risk management and fiscal impact
  • Specialization course in contract management PPP
  • Specialization course in Project finance
  • Financial modeling of projects

Short courses and seminars (from 1 to 3 days)

  • Contract management (basic)
  • Roles and functioning of PPP Units
  • Value for Money (VFM) analysis
  • Economic analysis of projects. Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Analysis of commercial and financial feasibility. Elaboration of a viability study
  • Analysis and allocation of risks in PPP contracts
  • Analysis of PPP project impacts in public debt and public deficit. SEC 2010 (for Spain and Europe)
  • The legal framework of concessions and PPP in Spain and Europe [for Spain and Europe]
  • Project Finance (basic)

Workshops and sectorial seminars (1 day)

  • Financing and management of land transport infrastructure (rail and tramways, railways, urban rail and roads)
  • Financing and management of social infrastructure: hospitals, schools, courts, prisons…
  • Financing and management of port infrastructure
  • Financing and management of airport infrastructure
    Financing and management of infrastructure and water and sanitation services and wastewater treatment
  • Financing and management of waste management and waste to energy infrastructure
  • Concessions of bus urban transport
  • PPP courses on other municipal services

Specific Workshops (1 day)

  • Communication and transparence in PPP projects
  • The administrative process of processing a project under concession or PPP (for Spain).
  • Design of bidding conditions / rules and management of the tender process and evaluation of offers
  • Design and management of a competitive dialogue process (for Spain and Europe).
  • Fiscal impact management and contingent liabilities
  • Dispute resolution in PPP projects
  • Rebalancing and renegotiations
  • Management of unsolicited proposals

Other commitments

  • Advanced technology. Virtual connection though on-line conference system.
  • Access to our data base of reading references.
  • Training delivered by national and international experts.
  • Self-assessment, including the possibility of individual assessment and recommendations.
  • Free access to annual updates of the materials depending on the training contract specifics.

If you need more information about the approach of these thematic lines download our PPP Custom Training In Company brochure.

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