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In-house Training for PPP Certification

K-infra is a training school certified by APMG as an ATO (Acredited Training Organisation) to provide training and examintation related with PPP Certification Program, with the aim to obtain the PPP Professional Certificate (CP3P©).

K-Infra delivers CP3P© preparatory training to entities, governments, institutions and corporates, including test materials and a dry run of sample examinations.

We suggest groups of at least 10 professionals with a maximum of 30 candidates per edition. Note: these preparatory courses are also available in open mode in Spain (Madrid), Brazil (several locations), Colombia (Bogotá) and Washington DC. More information.

For information about the full Program and the steps the to obtain CP3P© certificate.

The page describes the basic features for the different CP3P© Foundation level in-house.

For information about our design and approach to CP3P-Preparation and CP3P-Execution courses, you can request the corresponding brochure.

CP3P© Foundation training in-house


To gain a basic understanding and knowledge about PPP, its main features and the PPP cycle. The ultimate objective is to help you to pass the Foundation exam with high guarantees of success.

Targeted to

Professionals and practitioners working or representing governments and procuring authorities, public agencies and other public or semi-public institutions (“public partner”).

Professionals and practitioners working in sponsors/developers, contractors, investors, operators and financial entities, as well as consultants and advisers (financial, legal, technical etc.).

Number of delegates

Between 10 and 30. Preferable no more than 20 professionals.


Depending on the number of professionals and the location/country. Will be confirmed according to information request or contact.


22½ hours of effective training (without counting breaks), in three days in a row.


Depending on the entity or government´s country that books the training, the most suitable accredited trainer or the training will be organized and delivered by one of our Affiliates.


The 1st Chapter of PPP Guide (“PPP Introduction and Overview”). K-Infra own material in presentation format, tests and sample examinations, to be developed in class and/or to be developed as homework.

Credentials and examination

APMG is the entity in charge to assess and issue the certificates, as the delivery partner / manager of the PPP Certification Program. K-Infra as ATO, will be in charge to book/buy the examination on behalf of the candidates as well as to administer and invigilate the exam.

The entity can choose to be examined under the supervision of K-Infra staff (enabled by APMG), at its own placeor venue (in case it fulfills certain requirements), or it can choose to examine the candidates online (check for more information).

If you choose to sit the exam in your own venue under our invigilation, exam will be taken the day after the course finishes, unless otherwise agreed. Exam fees are advanced by K-Infra and exams booked by us, and exam fee will be charged to the organization together with the training fee.

Program / Contents

The course contents match with the contents from 1st Chapter of the PPP Certificate Guide.

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