Ecowas Projects Preparation and Development Unit continues to implement the APMG Public-Private Partnership (CP3P) Certification program.

From September 12 to 17 a new group of Member States experts and ECOWAS officials attended a CP3P Preparation training in Togo. The training, conducted by our trainer Borja Rubio de la Rocha, focuses on understanding PPP Frameworks, and how to iPIHdentify, screen, appraise, prepare, and structure PPP Projects. The training is followed by an exam which tests whether the trainee has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Guide, which is at the core of the Certification Program.
The training course was organized by Ecowas Projects Preparation and Development Unit and financed by Spanish Co-operation for International Development (AECID), within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between both organizations. The course is part of the PPP training program launched by the PPDU in 2017 with an objective to develop the capacities of the experts working on the regional Infrastructure development programs.
Since then, K-Infra has delivered 6 CP3P trainings (3 Foundation, 2 Preparation and 1 Execution) for Ecowas PPDU. As a result, more than 100 candidates have been trained in the CP3P program improving their PPP practitioner capabilities.
From K-Infra we would like to thank ECOWAS and AGENCIA ESPAÑOLA DE COOPERACION INTERNACIONAL PARA EL DESARROLLO – AECID for embracing the CP3P program and entrusting us with the mission of these trainings.

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