K-Infra’s CP3P© – Foundation Training in Serbia has concluded

CP3P Foundation Training in Serbia

Andrés Rebollo, CEO of K-Infra, delivers its first CP3P© training in the Balkans

K-Infra’s first CP3P© Foundation Training in Serbia, which was sponsored by the EBRD through their Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility, took place last week. 25 delegates attended a 3-days course, including, mostly, Serbian public sector participants as well as Bosnian delegates and delegates from the EBRD. Furthermore, institutions as the Belgrade City Council, Prime Minister Office (GoS), City of Sabac, Ministry of Finance (GoS) the Motorways Agency (Bosnia) were present.

Also, this is the first CP3P© course sponsored by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the feedback we have received has been highly satisfactory.

The course was delivered directly by Andrés Rebollo. In addition, this has been the first time that K-Infra has used its LMS as a supporting tool for facilitating practical training through exam simulations to the delegates.

Serbia is developing a short number of significant projects, most remarkably the expansion of Belgrade’s airport, as well as several PPPs at the municipal level, and enjoys a specific PPP Framework by means of a PPP dedicated law that covers both government-pays and user-pays type of PPPs.

We therefore thank the EBRD and all government attendees for their interest and proactivity during the course.


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