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Courses focused on PPP Projects

K-infra offers a proprietary training program consisting of 4 specialized courses focused on the main aspects of PPP project evaluation and management. These courses are offered both in open mode, for individuals and small groups, and in face-to-face mode, for exclusive groups, with the possibility of adjusting the agenda according to their needs.

Characteristics and resources

• 16-20 hours of effective class time over 5/6 days
• Own Virtual Campus | Recording of sessions | Reference readings
• Quizziz | Case studies | Live tests
• Certificate of Individual Achievement

Our PPP focused courses

Value For Money analysis

Evaluating the suitability of PPPs for the development of an Infrastructure Project

Learn the key aspects of the Value for Money analysis methodology and the best practices for its implementation, through a critical review of some of the most relevant international approaches.

PPP Contract Management

Preserving Value for Money through effective PPP contract management

Learn how to design, implement and manage an efficient contract management system, from the identification and planning of the necessary resources (equipment, governance, tools and methodologies) to the best practices in the handling of the main management aspects: knowledge management, stakeholders, performance and non-compliance management, contract change management, risk management and dispute management.

Fiscal Impact Management in PPP programs and projects

Preserving the fiscal sustainability of PPPs

Learn how to identify, evaluate and control firm and ongoing liabilities to safeguard the financial sustainability of PPP projects and programs and limit the effects of “accounting bias” in PPPs. Good practices in the identification and quantification of fiscal commitments, aggregate exposure control, budget appropriation, information disclosure and fiscal reporting will be reviewed.

Risk Management in PPP contracts

A comprehensive approach under a cycle perspective

Learn the process of risk identification, assessment, allocation, quantification, mitigation, structuring, and contractual implementation, and best practices for risk management during the life of the contract. Special attention will be paid to best practices in risk allocation, from the perspective of the best considered international standards.

Tailor-made PPP training for companies and governments

In addition to its proprietary courses, K-infra provides other customized training programs and courses for both public and private sector clients. These trainings range from basic training and general concepts to highly specialized courses in different areas of the PPP program and project management process (project analysis and selection, contract structuring, bidding processes, contract management, etc.).


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