Linear project

A project involving the construction of a facility over a long stretch of land
8887,Liquidated Damages (LDs),,The agreed level of loss when the private party commits a contract breach. See also penalties.
8888,Loan documents/agreement,,Please see financial agreement.
8889,Loan Life Coverage Ratio (LLCR),,The ratio of Net Present Value (NPV) of cash flows available for debt service divided by outstanding debt in the period. The NPV is measured only up to the maturity of the debt. The ratio provides an estimate of the project’s credit quality from the lender’s perspective.
8890,Long stop date,,A date set by the procuring authority by which services must commence regardless of what events or claims occur during the Construction Phase. Non-commencement of services by this date would lead to termination of contract.
8891,Macroeconomic risks,,Risks to the project company’s capital expenditures (Capex) or operating expenses (Opex) related to inflation


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