K-Infra is a company founded in 2016 by Andres Rebollo, the main author and director of the PPP Program Certification Guide (the Body of Knowledge of the PPP Certification Program developed by APMG with the support of the World Bank and other Multilaterals Banks.

K-Infra’s core activity is to provide training services specialized in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), as a tool for contracting and management of Infrastructures and services for governments, as business line for construction companies, services operators and infrastructures operators, and as investment asset for financial investors and banks. K-Infra also provides strategic and management advisory services around PPP activity in public and private organizations.

Training Approach


Our training offer is related exclusively to PPP and management and financing of Public Infrastructures involving private participation.

Our training approach considers the three training models:

  • In-class open courses (with possibility of remote / virtual assistance).
  • On-line open courses (flexible digitalized courses including on-line live classes).
  • Custom training or “in-house”.

Instructors and Contributors


Andres Rebollo is the Director of K-Infra´s training organization, and its managing director. He will design the content for most of the courses in collaboration with Fernando Iniesta, Partner Director with great expertise in PPP and PPP training.

Unlike other entities with a generalist training approach, we provide a very specialized approach: the Directors and Partners of our training organization will develop the materials themselves and provide the training.

Affiliated Training Entities


K-Infra relies on the contribution of other entities, for the development and provision of training courses.

K-Infra also promotes collaborations with the aim to disseminate knowledge and best practices infrastructure, services and PPP areas.

In this section, you will find the profile of those entities and organizations with whom we signed collaboration agreements.



K-Infra relies on collaborators to deliver training worldwide.

In this section, you will find the profile of the trainers with whom we signed collaboration agreements.



K-Infra aim is to be a specialized training center, but we want to be more than that..

Our passion is to provide specialized knowledge, related to the management and financing of infrastructures and services, and to the PPP world in general, always committed to disseminate PPP knowledge and promote good PPP practices.