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Affiliated Training Entities

K-Infra relies on the contribution of other entities, for the development and provision of training courses

K-Infra also promotes collaborations with the aim to disseminate knowledge and best practices infrastructure, services and PPP areas.

In this section, you will find the profile of those entities and organizations with whom we signed collaboration agreements.

Foster Infrastructure

Foster Infrastructure is a Company owned by Richard Foster (from 2011), specialized in PPP strategic, commercial and risks management advisory, as well as training services for governments, multilaterals and other institutions.

Foster Infrastructure has a collaboration agreement with K-infra to share intellectual property, to develop training materials and to provide the training courses for our clients, including training related with CP3P © certificate and other PPP training programs.

Foster Infrastructure leads the PPP Certification Training activities in Asia Region acting as training company affiliate to K-Infra.

For more information on Foster Infrastructure please visit www.fosterinfrastructure.com

Radar PPP

Radar PPP, founded in 2014, is one of the leading PPP consulting companies in Brazil; they conceived the idea of identifying the need to organize the public information available in the national PPP market. The partners are professionals who consolidated their careers in the PPP environment, receiving national and international recognition due to the deliveries led.

For more information please visit: www.radarppp.com


VIVEKA is a consulting and investment banking firm located in Bogotá (Colombia), which firmly believes that public assets and activities are everyone’s responsibility and that the private sector has an important role to perform. Through economic and financial analysis, VIVEKA develops PPP infrastructure projects to the highest standards, to improve quality of life in cities, generate certainty to its investors, and provide employment, all this supporting governments’ efforts to offer welfare to all citizens around the country.

VIVEKA´s main focus in urban infrastructure is: roads and airports to connect markets, hospitals and public office buildings to offer a better service to the community; bike infrastructure and mass transportation systems to facilitate greater mobility; parks and urbanism projects to build friendlier cities; museums and entertainment facilities to incentivize culture and leisure time; carbon bonds as financial tools for environmental compensation, and land value capture as a funding source for infrastructure.

For more information, visit www.viveka.com.co