K-Infra will train the Province of Buenos Aires in PPP

Buenos Aires

K-Infra has been awarded, together with its regional partner VIVEKA, the tender for the selection of an entity specialized in PPP training, convened by the Province of Buenos Aires, a project financed by IDB.


The contract consists of the design and delivery of a tailor-made programme based on the CP3P program, including training modules based on the local and national framework, as well as specialised seminars and courses to deepen certain subjects such as PPP contract management, Value for Money analysis or fiscal impact management, among others.


The program is aimed at professionals from the Public Investment and PPP Directorate, staff from different ministries that are potential promoters of PPP projects, staff from the different municipalities in the province and staff from supervisory and control bodies and will have a total of more than 300 hours.


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