K-Infra’s digital badges are now available!

Special message to our more than 4500 CP3P Alumni

We are pleased to announce that K-infra has joined the Credly platform to offer all our students the digital badges that certify the successful accomplishment of one of K-infra’s PPP trainings.

When a candidate has completed a K-Infra CP3P training by meeting our assessment criteria (including a minimum attendance and effort/activity level on our smart campus and participation in our workbooks), they will receive a digital badge certifying their achievement.

Those delegates that have attended any of our past +200 CP3P courses related to the PPP Certification Program can claim their digital badge as K-infra trained professionals. If delegates have any doubt about the process, they can check the Digital Badges page or write savalos@k-infrastructure.com.

The digital badge contains verified metadata describing the type of qualification and the process required to obtain it. In addition, the learner will have the possibility to easily communicate his or her skills and achievements online regarding our specialized PPP trainings, including our CP3P courses, which will help him or her prepare for the APMG’s Public-Private Partnerships Certification Program.

For full details about our digital badges, click here:


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