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You are visiting www.k-infrastructure.com web page owned by KNOWLEDGE INFRASTRUCTURE, S.L. (hereinafter THE COMPANY).

Mailing address: 2 Sauce street, 3º B, Madrid, 28016 Email address: info@k-infrastructure.com Tel.: +34 91 128 88 09 C.I.F.: B-87500286 Commercial information: Madrid Trade Registry, Vol. 34456, Folio 106, Section 8, Page M-619762, 1ª entry.


These Terms of Use (herein Legal Notice) determine the access and use of www.k-infrastructure.com  web page (herein the “Web”) that THE COMPANY makes available for the internet users. The access to it represents the acceptance without any restrictions of the Legal Notice.

THE COMPANY can offer through the web page, services that may be subject to specific conditions on which the user will be informed depending the case.


Prior registration or signing in as User to access and use the web page is not generally required, notwithstanding the need for registration or signing in to access to certain services or specific contents.

When the selection of a password is required to access to some areas or services, the User undertakes to keep the password privately and protect it from the use of third parties. The User should notify THE COMPANY as soon as practicable if he/she becomes aware of the use by a third party of his/her password and right to access to those sections of pages. THE COMPANY is committed to adopting all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the personal data protection and to avoid their deterioration, loss, unauthorized analysis and/or access, to the extent those measures are reasonably available in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Law.

THE COMPANY is not responsible for the disclosure of their personal information to third parties for reasons out of the control of THE COMPANY.


The User undertakes to use the web page, its contents, and services according to Law, the Legal Notice, good conduct and public order. Thereof the User undertakes not to use the web page, its contents or services hired through it with or against the present Legal Notice stipulations for illegal purposes, detrimental to third party’s interests and rights, or under any circumstances can damage, disable, make unavailable or deteriorate the web page, its contents or services or prevent a normal use of it by other Users.

Likewise, the User expressly undertakes not to destroy, alter, making unavailable, or otherwise, damage the data, programs or electronic documents found on the Web page.

The User undertakes not to block the access for other Users through a massive use of the informational resources for which THE COMPANY provides the services, as well as to perform actions that damage, cancel or cause errors in the aforementioned systems or services.

The User undertakes not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any logical device or sequence of characters that may cause or be subject to cause any type of deterioration in the computer systems of THE COMPANY or third parties.


Part of the website can contain advertising or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are the only ones responsible to ensure that the submitted material it is according to law.

The Company is not responsible for any error, inaccurate information or irregularities that may contain the advertisement or the sponsors. Nonetheless, for any claim related to the advertising contents included on the web page, you can address to the following email: info@k-infrastructure.com


The present Legal Notice refers only to the web page and contents of THE COMPANY and does not apply to the links or websites of third parties available on the web page.

The end of the mentioned links is not subject to THE COMPANY supervision, and THE COMPANY it is not responsible for the contents of any websites that are accessed, or any of the links included on the web pages that you get through the web page of THE COMPANY, or for any change or update of the mentioned pages.

These links are only provided to inform the User about the existence of other sources of information about a specific topic, and including a link does not imply an acceptance or agreement by THE COMPANY with respect to the linked web page.


All the Web contents, unless otherwise stated, are exclusively held by THE COMPANY and, including, but not limited to, the graphic design, source codes, logos, texts, charts, illustrations, pictures, and other elements that appear on the Web page.

Likewise, all the trade names, brands or marks of any type included on the web page are protected by the Law.

THE COMPANY does not grant any type of license or authorization to the User for the use of our intellectual and industrial property rights or on any other rights related to the Web page and the services provided on it.

Thus, the User acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, trading, conversion, or usually, any other type of operation, by any means, total or partial of the Web page contents shall constitute a violation of the intellectual and/or industrial rights of THE COMPANY or for the holder of it.

This Legal Notice refers only to the web and contents of K-Infra and does not apply to the links or websites of third parties available on the web page. K-Infra is not responsible for the contents of any websites that are accessed, or any of the links included on the web pages that you get through our web. Any reference to the trademarks of our Affiliates is on our web for the purpose of identifying the Affiliate, and it does not grant a right of use of such brand or logo.


The User can join the groups that THE COMPANY has on different social networks or the profile that the company may have in some of these networks with the aim of sharing comments and be in touch with other members of a group or with the community.

The User that became a follower of THE COMPANY or a member of a company´s group, accepts the terms of use and privacy policy of the respective social network.


This Privacy Policy provides detailed information on how KNOWLEDGE INFRASTRUCTURE S.L. (hereinafter, “K-INFRA”) carries out the processing of Personal Data through the website www.k-infrascture.com in accordance with the principle of transparency and rights of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and by that Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter “DGPR”) is repealed. This Privacy Policy is applicable to the processing of the Personal Data that you provide to us or that we obtain from you when you access and use the services of the Website (www.k-infrastructure.com) or when you contract certain K-Infra services. We recommend that you carefully review our Privacy Policy to ensure that you understand how your Personal Data will be used.

K-Infra hereby undertakes to fulfill its obligations of confidentiality in personal data processing and its duty to protect them and to take the safety measures required by the applicable Spanish law to prevent variation, loss, or unauthorized access, always according with the available technology.


The person responsible for the treatment is the legal entity that determines the purposes and means of processing Personal Data. In other words, the person responsible decides how and for what purposes the Personal Data is processed. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the person responsible for the processing of Personal Data is:KNOWLEDGE INFRASTRUCTURE S.L., with registered office at C / Sauce 2, 3º B, Madrid, 28016 of Madrid (Spain), registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, Volume 34456, Folio 106, Section 8, Page M-619762, Registration 1st; and with CIF B-87500286.- And will also be responsible for the treatment of Personal Data, affiliated training entities with whom you hire any of the services offered.


The contact details of the controller are:

Responsible for the treatment: KNOWLEDGE INFRASTRUCTURE S.L. Postal Address: C / Sauce 2, 3º B, Madrid, 28016 of Madrid (Spain), Phone: +34 91 128 88 09 Email: info@k-infrastructure.com

  • Responsible for the treatment: Affiliated Companies to whom you request one of the services of K-Infra.The contact details are those provided in the section of the Website AFFILIATED TRAINING ENTITIES
  • Delegate of data protection: K-INFRA has a data protection delegate, with whom you can contact through the electronic address: dpo@k-infrastructure.com

When We Act as Controller and Processor

K-Infra will be acting as the “Controller” of the personal data you provide directly to us via a “Contact Us” form, when creating an account, or via other contact methods. You are not required to provide your personal information for purposes of navigating through the public areas of our website.

If you are an employee or an authorized user of one of our clients which have entered into an agreement with us for the provision of our services, we will be acting as the “Processor” of your personal data transmitted by our customer. Our customer will be acting as Controller of your information. As the processor, we do not own, control, or direct the use of any data provided to us by our clients which act as Controllers.


“Personally Identifiable Information” (or “PII”) refers to contact information that directly or indirectly tells specifically who you are, such as:

  • name
  • phone number
  • email
  • postal address
  • company name
  • company sector
  • job
  • or any other information that could be linked to you with reasonable effort.

We do not collect sensitive information such as location information (GPS), racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation.

Billing data

For billing, we collect and store information about you as a client of ours. Information we store include:

  • name
  • address
  • company name
  • contact information
  • id card number or vat number

We also store a billing token from our payment processor. We keep this data on file as long as you are a client, and according to Spanish law (up to 4 years for financial data).

We do not need to store any kind of credit card info. Third-party payment processors take charge of the whole purchasing process on our website. Your personal data is being processed by WooCommerce Plugin (read WooCommerce Privacy Policy here and Paypal Privacy Policy here to know how they process your data).

User management data

User management data is everything we need to handle your account. This data includes your username, your email address, your password and so forth. This also includes session tokens, cookie data and tracking data need for our LMS to work. The LMS is built using third-party frameworks and back-ends, and these may also add their own session data.

We keep this data as long as you are a registered user on the system.


We need to know the PII you provide to us directly in our capacity as the controller for purposes of responding to your inquiry on our Contact Us web page and other contact methods. In addition, we need to know your PII to send you emails for other specific purposes and for sharing your PII for purposes as described in the Information Sharing and Disclosure section below. We also need to know the PII of authorized users of our clients when we act in our capacity as the processor for purposes of managing the authorized use of our services.


The User can send to THE COMPANY his/her personal information through different application forms that appear on the Web page.  These application forms contain a legal text on Personal Data Protection which are subject to the stipulations established in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and by that Directive 95/46 / EC (DGPR) Please read the legal texts before submitting personal information.

Passively or Automatically Collected Data

Passively or automatically collected data (referred to as “Usage Data”) is collected as you use this website. We, our affiliated entities, and our marketing partners may use automated means to collect various types of information about you, your computer or other device used to access this site, its services, related Web applications, and downloadable software. This information is based on your usage of this site and may be based on your visitation to other websites. Usage Data is essentially anonymous when collected, but could be used indirectly to identify a person.

K-Infra collects PII directly from you when you make an inquiry for an email reply on our “Contact Us” web page and other contact methods, and when you request that we send you emails. Before collecting your PII, you will have the option to give or withhold your consent for our sending you emails including our use of your PII for marketing emails to inform you about

  • Relevant communications related to PPP training courses,
  • Webinars
  • PPP trends
  • Other PPP knowledge sources
  • Promote our services or similar services from our affiliates.

You will always have the opportunity of unsubscribing from our communications and withdraw your consent by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe from this list’ option at the bottom of each non-transactional email, on our webpage or writing to us at dpo@k-infrastructure.com

K-Infra uses third-party applications to add firmographic information to the data we collect from you. This data enhancement allows us to provide more helpful, personalized communication.

Subject to your right to opt-out, we may combine Usage Data with PII that we collect and use the combined data to create profiles about you only for purposes of improving our services and your user experience with our services.

We may make full, unrestricted use of Usage Data for any purpose in our sole discretion, including without limitation, to customize re-marketing ads, offers and content made available to you based on your visits to and/or usage of this site or its services, and to analyze the performance of those ads, offers and content, as well as your interaction with them.

We collect Usage Data as described above and with “cookies”. For additional information and how to set your browser to refuse to accept “cookies”, see the “COOKIES AND OPT-OUT PROCEDURES” section.


We will not retain your PII for longer than required. This means that we will keep your PII for any or a combination of time periods described as follows:

(i) for as long as required by law,

(ii) until we no longer have a valid reason for keeping it,

(iii) until you request us to stop using it, or

(iv) for so long as our client for which you are an authorized user remains a client. In addition, we retain your Personally Identifiable Information to preserve the history of our course records (exam reports, feedbacks reports) according to our QMS.

When we delete your PII from our databases, it will remain in our backup system until it cycles out.


General Disclosure Policy. We may share and disclose your PII as described below. We may share and disclose Usage Data without restriction, including without limitation, as described below. Please contact us at dpo@k-infrastructure.com to opt out of all information sharing with a third party.

We are accountable for the onward transfer of data to third party service providers or agents who assist us in providing services.

Affiliated Entities. There may be certain courses or training programs that are developed and/or managed in collaboration with other training organizations, which are our Affiliates. Only in such cases, your data may be shared with those organizations (with the respective organization / Affiliate with which we collaborate for the specific course) for the purpose of registering, paying or communicating with you during the respective course. We may provide your PII and Usage Data to any affiliated entities we may have, including our subsidiaries. K-Infra takes all its reasonable efforts to ensure that those organizations are in compliance with the aforementioned policies and laws. The organization/affiliate will be indicated in the respective course page of our website.

You may find information about our Affiliates on our website (https://www.k-infrastructure.com/en/k-infra). Likewise, we inform you that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at the email address dpo@k-infrastructure.com, at the fax number 915465090, or by mail to Calle San Aquilino 15, local, 28029 – Madrid.

Sub-Processors. We may provide access to your PII and Usage Data to our trusted sub-processors that assist us with the operation and maintenance of this site. For example, we may contract with third parties to process payments, host our servers, provide security, and provide production, fulfillment, optimization, analytics, reporting, and software maintenance and development services. In addition, our sub-processors will be given access to your information only as is reasonably necessary to provide the services for which they are contracted.

Compelling Obligations. Except for sharing your information as described in this Information Sharing and Disclosure Section, K-Infra will not disclose information about you or the contents of your communications unless compelled to do so in the good-faith belief that such action is reasonably necessary

(a) to comply with the law;

(b) to comply with legal process;

(c) to enforce these terms and conditions;

(d) to respond to claims that any content violates the rights of third parties;

(e) to facilitate the terms of an acquisition of K-Infra by, or merger with, another company, or

(f) to protect K-Infra’s interests regarding its property, including without limitation its intellectual property.

Successors. If we sell or otherwise transfer part or all of our business or assets to another organization, such as in the course of an acquisition, merger, bankruptcy or liquidation, we may transfer your PII and Usage Data. In such an event, we will require the buyer or transferee to agree to our commitments provided in this Privacy Policy.

Compelling Obligations. Except for sharing your information as described in this Information Sharing and Disclosure Section, K-Infra will not disclose information about you or the contents of your communications unless compelled to do so in the good-faith belief that such action is reasonably necessary

(a) to comply with the law;

(b) to comply with legal process;

(c) to enforce these terms and conditions;

(d) to respond to claims that any content violates the rights of third parties;

(e) to facilitate the terms of an acquisition of K-Infra by, or merger with, another company, or

(f) to protect K-Infra’s interests regarding its property, including without limitation its intellectual property.

Marketing Partners for Purposes of Re-Marketing. We may share your information with 3rd party vendors for purposes of re-marketing. For a description of re-marketing and your opt-out rights, see the COOKIES AND OPT-OUT PROCEDURES section below.


This web page uses may collect Usage Data through the use of its own cookies. The cookies are small files that reproduce in the user´s computer and that allows us to know better the following information:

  • The date and hour of the user´s last connection on our web page
  • The contents design that the user chose in his last visit on our web page.
  • Security elements that are involved in the restricted areas access control.

Cookies help us to recognize users, facilitate the user´s ongoing access to the site and facilitate the use of the site. “Cookies” also allow us to track usage behavior and compile site-usage information that may help us to improve the content of our site.

The user has the option to prevent the reproduction of cookies, through the selection of the respective option in his/her Browser. See how to deactivate cookies in our Cookies Policy. However, if you deactivate cookies in your browser you may be unable to access certain parts of our site

Additionally, as third-party Cookies, the COMPANY uses:

For analytical purpose:

We may participate with third-party analytics partners to monitor and analyze Web traffic and to keep track of user behavior on this site. On this website, it is used by Google Analytics, an analytical web service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”).  Google utilizes the data collected to track and examine the use of this site, to prepare reports on its activities, and to share them with other Google services.

Information collected: Cookie and Usage Data. Visit Privacy Policy at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies. You may opt-out of the Google Analytics service with the Google’s Browser Add-on that’s available at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

For marketing purposes:

K-Infra uses 3rd party vendor remarketing tracking cookies and pixels, including the Google Adwords tracking cookie,  the Facebook tracking pixel, Facebook and LinkedIn tracking pixel. This means we will continue to show ads to you across the internet, specifically on the Google Content Network (GCN) and through Facebook and LinkedIn network for remarketing. The third-party vendors, including Google, will place cookies on web browsers in order to serve ads based on past visits to our website. This allows us to continue to market our services to those who have shown interest in them. We remarket to users worldwide, depending on the training being promoted.

You may opt-out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting the Ads Preferences Manager. You can opt-out of Facebook and LinkedIn remarketing by visiting the Your Ad Choices website. Also, you can opt out of other third-party use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page

For technical purposes:

In addition, we use a technical cookie called seres_cookie_accept_kinfra (own, technical and session) that manages the consent of the user related to the use of cookies on this website. The notice of this cookie is shown in a banner or pop-up on the website.

Some cookies called “session cookies” are deleted when you close your browser.

You can read all the information related to the cookies and third-party Cookies in our Cookies Policy.


Use the INCIDENTS AND CLAIMS section for purposes of inquiring about your rights. You may contact us to find out if we are processing your PII. If we are, you can ask us what Personally Identifiable Information of yours we hold and what we do with your data.

In addition, you may:

(i) request access to and rectification or erasure of your PII,

(ii) request restriction of processing your PII, and

(iii) withdraw your consent at any time. If you provide a notice to us regarding your exercise any of the above rights, we will forward your notice to other authorized parties which are holding and processing your PII, where appropriate.


If you are from outside the EU., understand that you are sending PII and Usage Data to Spain where our servers are located. That information may be then transferred within the EU. or back out of the EU. to other countries outside of your country of residence. Except for the EU, these countries may not necessarily have data protection laws as comprehensive or protective as those in your country of residence; however, our collection, storage, and use of your PII and Usage Data will at all times be governed by this Privacy Policy.


This site may contain links to other websites operated by our affiliates and partners. If you do click on any of the links to their websites your click-through information and any information that you provide in the process of registration or purchase will be transferred to these sites. We have no responsibility or liability for the policies and practices of these sites. You should be careful to review any privacy policies posted on any of these sites before providing information to them.


In the event that the user wants to communicate any incident, comment or make any complaint may do so as follows:

  • By phone, call at +34 911 288 809, from Monday to Thursday, from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00, and Fridays from 9:00 to 15:00, CET.
  • By email to info@k-infrastructure.com
  • By ordinary mail Calle San Aquilino 15 (local) mail C.P. 28029, Madrid, Spain.

This website is provided as is, and we make no express or implied representations or warranties regarding it. without limiting the foregoing, we do not warrant that this website will be secure, error-free, free from viruses or malicious code, or will meet any particular criteria of performance or quality. we expressly disclaim all implied warranties, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security, and accuracy.

your use of this website is at your own risk and you assume full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from your usage, including, without limitation, with respect to loss of service or data. we will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages or any other damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, statute, tort (including, without limitation, negligence), or otherwise, relating to or arising out of the use of this website, even if we knew, or should have known, of the possibility of such damages.


We may revise these Terms of Use at any time in our sole discretion by posting such revised Terms of Use at the Legal Notice link (i.e., this webpage that you are currently viewing) or elsewhere in this Website. Such revisions shall be effective as to you upon posting unless explicitly stated by us. It is your responsibility to be aware of any such revised Terms of Use by checking this webpage. Your continued use of this Website following changes to these Terms of Use constitutes your agreement to the revised Terms of Use.


Unless otherwise provided by a competent court, these Terms of Use are governed by and must be construed according to, the laws of Spain.

If any portion of these Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable in any other applicable jurisdiction, then (i) in that jurisdiction it shall be re-construed to the maximum effect permitted by law in order to effect its intent as nearly as possible, and the remainder of these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect, and (ii) in every other jurisdiction, all of these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect.

If and when not in contradiction with an applicable law, you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid, and the courts competent to determine appeals from those courts, with respect to any proceedings which may be brought in connection these terms of use.

Updates effective May 25, 2018, for purposes of compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation