Marcel van den Broek accredited as trainer for the CP3P – Preparation level

CP3P - Preparation

PPP expert Marcel van den Broek has been recently accredited to deliver training of the CP3P – Preparation level, second level of the PPP Certification Program, being the fourth accredited trainer of K-Infra for this level.

Marcel, a seasoned PPP practitioner with 25 years of working experience, joined K-infra’s team of CP3P trainers in June 2018. He supports K-Infra´s activities and CP3P training delivery in Europe (especially Eastern Europe), Asia (especially East Asia) and Africa.

Since joining the team, he has delivered a course for a group of public sector representatives in Gambia and within the coming months he will be delivering trainings both in Pakistan and Indonesia. Also, he represented K-infra at the Global PPP Conference in Ukraine. His next CP3P – Foundation open course will be delivered in Amsterdam (Netherlands) from December 10 to 12, 2018. Learn more about the course here.


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