New PPP senior expert joins K-Infra´s team of Accredited CP3P Trainers

Marcel van den Broek

Marcel van den Broek new CP3P Accredited Trainer at K-infra

K-Infra is pleased to announce the incorporation of a Marcel Van den Broek as a new CP3P – F Accredited Trainer.

Marcel is a seasoned PPP practitioner with 25 years of working experience. He started his career in PPP as founder and director of the PPP unit of the Ministry of Transport in the Netherlands. After a short period with PwC he became director of PPP advisory services for the renowned consulting firm Ecorys. He has been involved in over 100 projects in some 40 countries primarily Europe, Asia and Africa. His experiences include supporting the development of PPP Frameworks, numerous Feasibility Studies, Transaction Advisory and Training. He has designed and delivered PPP trainings in 15 countries all evaluated as outstanding. Marcel is one of the founding fathers of the CP3P initiative being responsible for the initial scoping study in 2010.

Some of the most relevant projects in which he has acted as lead PPP advisor includes the Nairobi – Nakuru Road PPP (Kenya), Isaka – Kigali Railway PPP (Tanzania – Rwanda), Accra – Takoradi Road PPP (Ghana), Kantienberg Student Housing PPP (Belgium). He has also supported the PPP units in Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Jordan and Poland in their development of national PPP frameworks and programs.

Marcel will support K-Infra´s activities and CP3P training delivery in Europe (especially Eastern Europe), Asia (especially East Asia) and Africa, where we expect him to play an strategic role to increase K-Infra presence in SSA subregion.



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