Own Courses

K-Infra is working intensively to develop its own offer of open courses in the field of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), considering both specific courses for Latin American users and Spanish and global users.

Over time you will be able to find among our offer a wide number of PPP courses, including a series of seminars or highly specialized short courses, and some longer courses, both online and in face-to-face modality.

Said courses are the replica in open modality of some of the courses and subjects we are already offering for in-house and custom training.

You will be able to find below the courses currently available and that will be open for enrolment in the upcoming dates.

Other courses of our own design that we are preparing include:

  • Fundamentals of contract management (public perspective)
  • Fiscal management of PPPs and contingent liabilities
  • Infrastructure funds
  • Financing and management of metropolitan and urban railway infrastructures
  • Fundamentals of Value for Money
  • Fundamentals of financial modeling