Taras Boichuk CP3P new Accredited Trainer of K-Infra

Taras Boichuk CP3P Accredited Trainer de K-Infra

We welcome Taras Boichuk, Partner Director at SPILNO (Ukraine), the PPP unit of the government of Ukraine. Congratulations for being approved for CP3P Foundation Training by APMG International.

Taras will be our lead trainer for CP3P trainings in Russian and he is in charge of the translation of our materials into Russian.

With nearly 10 years of professional practice in the field of PPP, he specializes in the structuring and implementation support of PPP arrangements. He manages and provides legal services to IFIs, public authorities and businesses in infrastructure, real estate, and other sectors.

As the leader of the Ukrainian PPP Unit, he has led the preparation and implementation of the Ukrainian pilot PPP projects in the seaport and airport sectors (Olvia, Kherson seaports, Lviv international airport).

Taras is also actively involved in support of Ukrainian reforms. He has been engaged by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to work on the new Concession Law which has been adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament in October 2019. Taras holds MBA and a master’s degree in law.

As per today, K-Infra counts with 12 collaborators worldwide. They act as trainers in geographical zones as Europe, USA, Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia.

Know all of them here: https://www.k-infrastructure.com/en/k-infra/trainers/


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