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Conditions to access to K-infra´s CP3P grants for “a new chance for CP3P certification”

K-infra cannot guarantee that all alumni will receive this information. The information regarding this grant has been announced on K-infra social media, including K-infra website. K-infra has conducted an e-mailing among alumni who accepted our consent to receive commercial communications.
K-infra will not assume any responsibility if for any event the information about this opportunity / grant did not reach the intended recipient in due time. Any other interested candidate that meets these requirements is welcome to participate.

The register for the grant competition will be opened for a limited time, up to April 30th, 2021. K-infra reserves the right to extend this period, which will be  advertised via social networks.

K-infra will provide a free exam to re-sit the following CP3P exams:

  • 12 Foundation exams
  • 6 Preparation exams
  • 2 Execution exams
Note 1:  The maximum number of candidates to be accepted is 100 candidates. Only the first 100 applicants will be considered.
Note 2: Please note that these grants are not available for exams in Chinese (any level of the Program) or for preparation/execution in Russian. 

Conditions and process to access the free exam grant

The applicant must have tried and failed the respective exam.

The applicant will be granted with free access to K-infra’s virtual campus (our Learning management System, LMS) during a period (the “study and preparation period”) to be specified. They must complete a minimum of tasks obtaining  a minimum score in the campus prior to access the simulation test competition (hereinafter called ”The grant competition”) described below. The aforementioned requirements to be met during the study and preparation period will be reported in due time.

Those applicants that meet the minimum requirements of work in the virtual campus will be invited to take a simulation exam or practice test (“The test competition”) to be set on a date defined by K-infra. 2 time slots will be offered to ensure that any candidate cansit the practice test in a proper time. More information will be provided in due time.

Note: K-infra reserves the right to limit the number of applicants to 50 to accessthe test competitio; in that case the 50 highest scores will be selected. The selection process will be reviewed by APMG.

The free exam voucher will be awarded to the candidates with the best scores in the respective practice test, as described below.

Grants assignation

The first 10 exam grants will be reserved to K-infra’s alumni*. After having assigned these 10 exams to the highest scores among K-infra’s alumni (the highest 6 in foundation, the highest 3 in preparation and the highest score in execution), the remaining free exams will be assigned among the remaining applicants including the rest of K-infra’s alumni and other candidates worldwide.

Applicants who do not reach a minimum score of 50% in the test competition will not be considered. If fewer applicants than 12, 6 or 2 respectively pass the simulation test, only those candidates will obtain the free exam voucher.

In case of deuce between candidates, K-infra may organize a second simulation test among the affected candidates, conduct a toss or select the candidates that had the highest score in the original exam that was failed. Affected applicants would be advised in due time.

(*) K-infra´s alumni include, for this purpose, the alumni of any of our affiliates.

Validity of the grant

For a successful candidate awarded with a free exam, the exam will be valid only if the exam is taken on the date defined by K-infra. This information will be provided in due time.

Other benefits for the unsuccessful participants

For those applicants that met the minimum requirements / minimum effort but were not finally selected for the exam grant, K-infra is considering supporting them if they decide to sit the exam on their own. The conditions of this support will be communicated in due time.

For further information or any query, please contact Cristina Bocos at cbocos@k-infrastructure.com and include in the subject of the email “K-infra exam grant competition”.