A Guide to the Statistical Treatment of PPPs in national accounts

tratamiento estadístico de los ppp

K-Infra adds to its library the guide about Statistical Treatment of PPPs in national accounts

We have added this new guide about the Statistical Treatment of PPP (EPEC 2016) to our library. This new guide has been developed by EPEC and deals with the classification of PPP assets in national accounts according to the SEC 2010 (European System of Accounts) regulations.

The 2010 version, which came in force in 2015, introduced greater precision in the conditions to be fulfilled by the PPP contract for not being considered public asset / public debt, and to a certain extent, higher pressure for risk transfer and limits on public financial support. But we do believe that the result is more positive rather than negative for PPPs, because of the clear benefit of the greater clarity in the rules.

In addition, this Guide includes the invaluable participation of EUROSTAT, through explanations and examples of factors and specific characteristics that may drive or not to the treatment of the asset as a public asset.


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