Webinar series: PPP best practice by K-Infra


During the following months, K-infra will deliver a series of free webinars to celebrate our 5th anniversary.


Some of these webinars will be delivered as Master Classes by one of our experts, with a very practical focus on PPP methodologies and assessments like value for money or risk management. Some others will be seminars where guest speakers to will discuss PPP good practice hot topics, such as PPP institutional frameworks and PPP units, operational frameworks, PPP approval processes and contract management approaches and strategies.


In addition to it, K-infra is planning to launch a specific series about the CP3P standards soon, aimed at learning and discussing the approaches followed in specific regions and countries from a list of topics covered by the CP3P Guide.


How to register for the webinars?
If you want to receive invitations and further information about the upcoming free webinars, please click on the button below and suscribe to our database.


Stay tuned!


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