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Focused Training

K-Infra is a company founded in 2016 by Andres Rebollo, the main author and coordinator of the PPP Program Certification Guide (the Body of Knowledge of the PPP Certification Program) developed by APMG with the support of the World Bank and other Multilaterals Banks.

K-Infra’s core activity is to provide training services specialized in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), as a tool for contracting and management of Infrastructures and services for governments, as business line for construction companies, services operators and infrastructures operators, and as investment asset for financial investors and banks.

K-Infra also provides strategic and management advisory services around PPP activity in public and private organizations.

The PPP is an alternative for developing and managing infrastructures which offers great potential advantages in terms of efficiency, but it requires extra care and more meaningful analysis, and whose management is more complex for the public authorities, investors and lenders. The potential of the PPP in helping to solve the “infrastructure gap” is enormous, but it requires a higher homogenization of knowledge and a greater dissemination and implantation of “good practice”.

Help in filling the gap of specialized PPP training offer for governments, companies and financial institutions, pursuing a better use of the PPP approach, disseminating specialized knowledge and better practices in PPPs’s field.

mayor difusión e implantación de «buenas prácticas».

Our trainers and Experts

K-Infra counts with on 13 trainers worldwide, accredited by APMG to provide CP3P© Certificate training courses. All our trainers are seasoned PPP experts with PPP real practice experience as well as experience as trainers.

Our team of trainers allows us to offer training in almost any single time zone of the glove and in a variety of languages (including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian).

Some of them are also part of our team of PPP expert consultants to deliver knowledge products and PPP policy advisory.


Affiliates and Partners

For a more efficient dissemination of our methodology and materials, K-Infra relies on a number of entities for the provision of our training courses (our “Affiliates”). 


K-Infra also promotes the collaboration with the aim to disseminate knowledge and best practices in infrastructure management and other specific PPP areas (our “Partners”).

PPP Policy Advisory and Knowledge products

With our trainings, we disseminate PPP Knowledge and best practice. With our advisory, we help to implant that Knowledge in your country or organization.

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