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Directors and Academic Counselors

Andrés Rebollo is the Director of K-Infra´s training organization, and its managing director. He will design the content for most of the courses in collaboration with Fernando Iniesta, Partner Director with great expertise in PPP and PPP training. Unlike other entities with a generalist training approach, we provide a very specialized approach: the Directors and Partners of our training organization will develop the materials themselves and provide the training.

In the same way, our goal is to collaborate with specialized professionals for specific seminars and modules in a course, and for the design and development of new courses.

The prerequisite needed of an associate trainer is an outstanding level of expertise and knowledge of the subject.

Andrés Rebollo

Managing Director / PPP Senior Advisor

Andrés is responsible for the courses design and the academic director of most of them.

20+ years of experience with 60 + PPP projects advised in all the sectors in different countries.

Andres is Lead Author of “PPP Certification Program Guide”. Head of Infrastructures Partner & PPP in Deloitte Spain (until June 2014), and previously Adeinfra founder (acquired by Deloitte in 2008). Started to work as independent PPP senior advisor in 2015.

Fernando Iniesta

Director / CEO of Caboazul

Fernando will act as trainer / tutor in our courses and especially in the design of courses related with financial modeling.

16 years of experience with more than 50 PPP projects advising Governments, Multilaterals, Bidders and Investment funds in different transport infrastructures and countries.

Expert in financial modeling and bids of large infrastructure projects and founder of CABOAZUL (2007).

Richard Foster

Associate trainer and academic partner / CEO of Foster Infrastructure

Richard Foster collaborates with K-Infra, in the development of our own training materials and training delivery related to the CP3P© Certificate.

Richard has more than 20 years of experience in the PPP field. He was a member of “Partnerships Victoria Unit” (PPP unit of Victoria, Austrlia – 2002 to 2011), before he founded Foster Infrastructure, a company that provides strategic, commercial and risks management advisory in the field of PPP, as well as training services for government agencies, multilateral agencies and others.

Richard is deputy lead author of the PPP “Program Certification Guide”.

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