The World Bank, together with other multilateral banks, promoted the launch of this certification, delivered by APMG. Are you ready to be a PPP Certified expert?

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Certified PPP Professional (CP3P©) - Brazil Foundation Course V

Certified PPP Professional (CP3P©) - South Africa Foundation Course


Our custom training aims to give a solid knowledge on PPPs for the entire organization, tailored for both "public partner" and "private partner" needs, as well as their financiers and consultants.

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K-Infra makes available a wide range of resources related to the Public Private Partnerships (PPP), including reference readings, articles and a glossary.

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Our offer of consulting services is anchored in knowledge implementation, including "policy advisory" and PPP management consultancy among others.


02-15-2018 - Certified PPP Professional (CP3P ©) – Foundation Course in Saudi Arabia

First edition of the Certified PPP Professional (CP3P ©) - Foundation in Saudi Arabia K-Infra launches the first edition of the Certified PPP Profess{{split}}ional (CP3P ©) – Foundation Course in Saudi Arabia. This course that will take place in Riyadh from May 6-8, 2018 will be delivered by Maxwell Stamp KSA, the strategic affiliate of K-Infra which leads our CP3P © training provision in the Midd

01-26-2018 - Certified PPP Professional (CP3P) – Madrid Preparation Course

K-Infra launches the first edition of the CP3P – Preparation in Madrid K-Infra offers the first edition of the CP3P – Preparation level after the {{split}}announcement of APMG about its availability. This is the second exam or level of the PPP Certification Program. Once completed, the candidate will have access to the third exam level, Execution (expected for 2018), which will allow the candidate

01-15-2018 - EBRD requests K-Infra to analyze two PPP projects

K-Infra analyzes two PPP projects for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD){{split}} has commissioned K-Infra to prepare two case studies related to two European PPP projects in order to extract lessons and key aspects related to the importance of good preparation of projects prior to being tendered. Most of the PPP projects fail