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APMG PPP Certification Program TM

The APMG PPP Certification Program is an innovation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), the World Bank Group (WBG) and it is partially funded by Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), with a shared vision of increasing the efficiency and performance of Public Private Partnerships globally.

The above mentioned program is developed and managed by APMG-International, an Institute of Global Accreditation created in 1993 with a wide portfolio of professional certifications. You can find more visiting http://www.apmg-international.com.

The aim of the PPP Certification Program is to encourage a common base of PPP knowledge among the professionals of the sector globally. The goal of the Program is the proof by means of a certificate of in-depth knowledge of the PPP Certification Program Guide (the PPP Guide), which allows to obtain the accreditation CP3P© (Certified PPP Profesional). For that purpose, the professional has to approve three exams or levels that cover the eight modules of the Guide.

Chapter 1, the acronyms and glossary of the PPP Guide for the Foundation level (first level of the PPP Certificate Program) are already available in Spanish. Likewise, the exam for the Foundation level can already be taken in Spanish.

The PPP Certificate pathway – three examinations*

*Based on the description of the official page of the Certificate https://ppp-certification.com/certification/



Foundation (1)

The Foundation exam tests whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PPP Guide to act as an informed team member of a PPP finance project. The Foundation certification is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner certifications. The base of this examination is the Chapter 1 of the PPP Guide (“PPP Introduction and Overview”).

Preparation stage (2)

The Preparation exam tests whether the candidate has achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor PPP Frameworks and PPP Project Identification, Screening, Appraisal and Preparation Processes in a given governmental context.The base of this examination are the chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 (from PPP Frameworks and the process of Identification and Screening of a PPP Project, up to the Preparation and Appraisal of projects).

Execution stage (2)

The Execution exam tests whether the candidate has achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply the structuring and drafting Process of PPP tender documents and the PPP contracts, and the management of PPP contracts during the Construction and Operations Phases.The base of this examination are chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 (from the structuring and drafting process of RFP and Contract, the process of tendering and awarding, up to the phase of contract management including construction phase and operation phase).

(1) Previous condition to obtain access to the other two examinations

(2) They can be taken in any order but to pass both examinations is an indispensable requirement to obtain the Certificate CP3

Other basic aspects and information about the certificate

Target audience

  • This Program is addressed to any person interested in knowing more about Public Private Partnerships field, and especially for professionals of the PPP sector such as governments officers/authority representatives or personnel of public agencies and other public or semi-public institutions (managers of the “public partner”), managers / practitioners working within PPP promoters, investors, operators and financial institutions (practitioners within the “private partner”), as well as its consultants and advisers (financial, legal, technical).


  • The exams related to the three levels of the PPP Certification Program are available: Foundation, Preparation and Execution.


  • The Guide that serves as Body of Knowledge for the certificate is of free access, and the candidates can opt for self-study, although they have the possibility of attending preparatory courses delivered by an official ATO (Accredited Training Organisation). ATO are training schools or specialised training centres with proven experience in the field of PPP, which have been duly accredited / authorized by APMG.

Time load and exams

  • The examinations can be carried out through an ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) that provides the preparatory course, or exams may be sat in a APMG “open center” or on-line “at home”.
  • The exam for the Foundation level Exam consists of a multiple choice test, with 50 questions to be solved in 40 minutes, with right answers at least 50 %. The exams for the Preparation and Execution levels consist of multiple choice tests, with 4 sections of 20 questions each, having to answer right to at least 50% of the questions. The duration of the exam is 150 minutes.
  • According to the design of our courses and taking into account the time needed to read the Guide, the estimated time to study the program is:
    • Foundation: 30-40 hours
    • Preparation: 100-120 hours
    • Execution: 100-120 hours

K-infra is the first company to be accredited by APMG in Spain to offer preparatory training of the different examinations of the certificate, with our courses and materials developed by the lead author (Andrés Rebollo) and co-lead author (Richard Foster) of the PPP Certification Guide and other PPP senior experts accredited by APMG (trainers). Our courses for the first level (CP3P© Foundation), second level (CP3P© Preparation) and third level (CP3P© Execution) are available on-site / in-house as well as face-to-face.