First cohort in Georgia to enroll CP3P Foundation

This month of November we had the honor to train the first-ever group of Georgian officials in the #CP3PFoundation level of the APMG’s Public-Private Partnerships Certification Program

It was an incredibly engaged group of 15 professionals including representatives from the PPP Agency, Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia – ეკონომიკის სამინისტროTbilisi City Hall and Roads Department of Georgia

This course provides an introduction to PPPs, an overview of how and why they are used, the structure of PPPs, how they are financed, common causes of project failure, key elements of a PPP Framework, and the steps in a typical PPP process. The course equips attendees with foundational knowledge and understanding on PPPs, enabling them to act as informed team members of a PPP projects. This training aims to standardize the knowledge of the PPP process and terminology, as described in the APMG PPP Certification Program Guide and it is followed by an exam which tests whether the trainee has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Guide, which is at the core of the Certification Program.

Thank you everyone for participating with such a level of commitment and interest. And congratulations to all of you for effort, dedication, and results
Congratulations to  Aleksandra SuladzeKetevan GoguaErekle KezherashviliSalome Kavtaradze, PhD ; Solomon Adeishvili; Ana Trapaidze; Ketevan Moralishvili; Tamar Chelidze; Iva Vasadze; Alexander TargamadzeIrma Patsia; Maka Rusadze; Levan Batiashvili, Elene Chkheidze, and sophio nutsubidze.

Thank you to the World Bank Group for trusting us for this task.
Special thanks to Militsa Khoshtaria and Amali Rajapakse  for such an excellent organization and great venue.


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