02-13-2019 - Our Brazilian Affiliate, RADAR PPP, translates CP3P to Brazilian Portuguese

As announced by APMG International, in addition to the existing English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, the Chapter 1 of the PPP Certification Program (CP3P), as well as the Foundation exam, are now available in Brazilian Portuguese.

Radar PPP, K-infra’s affiliate to deliver CP3P training in Brazil, with the help of Dal Pozzo Avogados has been responsible of the translation. The following professionals have participated:

  • Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo (Dal Pozzo Advogados)
  • Bruno Ramos Pereira (Radar PPP)
  • Bruno Vidigal Coscarelli (Radar PPP)
  • Guilherme de Ávila Naves (Radar PPP)
  • Renan Marcondes Fachinatto (Dal Pozzo Advogados)
  • Rodrigo Reis de Oliveira (Radar PPP)

Chapter 1 of the PPP Guide and the Glossary can be downloaded here.

ATOs can also access the CP3P – Foundation exam via the booking system of APMG.