The exam for the Preparation level has been launched


APMG’s Preparation Exam about the PPP Certification Program is already available

The Preparation exam has been already launched. It is the second exam/level of the PPP Certification Program that when completed (together with the third exam level, execution, expected for 2018) will allow the candidate to use the Certified Public-Private Partnerships Professional (CP3P).

The exam is based on chapters 2 to 5 of the PPP Certification Guide and will test the candidate’s understanding of the PPP framework and application on PPP Project Identification, Screening, Appraisal and Preparation Processes.

APMG’s PPP Certification Programme is an innovation by World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks, and aims to strengthen PPP best practice through a global standard of knowledge.

Andrés Rebollo, K-Infra´s CEO, acted as the Lead Author of the complete PPP Certification Guide.

We will announce soon our first course for preparing candidates to take the CP3P Preparation Exam, which will be held in Madrid.


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